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Update 7-22-17

Jacob Jansen is doing great, sorry I haven't posted in awhile. In fact last time was 6-12 he was being released from an extended weekend hospital visit. Well we had a few appointments that week and follow up 6-19-17 with the oncologist. Jacob had had the worst time ever following round 3 of chemo. His hearing test showed some loss of high pitch, as well he was getting a lot of numbness in his feet, both effects of chemo. So the Dr. adjusted the chemo, he was getting 5 doses in the 6 weeks, 3 diff types. They knocked out 1 type which was given on week 2 and 3. They also reduced the amount given for the other 2 types. Also the steroid was increased to help keep his appetite up. The MRI showed really no change, but this only gives more proof of it being only scar tissue left, Praise God. But round 4 had to be delayed a week because of low blood counts. So round 4 started on the 26th, then 2 weeks off, then we finished the 4th week getting chemo mon & tues. Jacob did really good this time, no nausea, just a bit tired, no loss of appetite. We had a gift of a vacation given to us and were able to go to San Diego the week of the 10th. Had a wonderful time, the boys swam with the dolphins at Sea World. We should be having an MRI the first week of Aug, and I believe a Dr, appt on 8-7. Only 2, 6 weeks rounds left! God is Good we are nearing the end of this! October will be 1 year. As I reflect back on how much has changed in ours lives, I Thank God daily for everything, cancer included. Thankful for all the people He has put in our lives, the situations He has allowed to grow us and " to be conformed into the image of His Son", (Romans 8:29), His daily provision which we have grown to depend on more and more, and mostly His presence with us. Thankful that we dont do this alone but He is Always there. We can see Him active when we broaden our vision and dont place Him in a little box of expectation. When we can accept each thing He allows in our lives and to "eat everything that is put on our plate" so to speak. God says,"My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts" Isaiah 55:8 We gotta trust that He knows what He is doing, despite how we think it should be. God sees the bigger picture! Thank you for all yours thoughts and prayers, please keep praying! God Bless you all!

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