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Dads Update: Update 11-5-2016

To start with the 2nd marks 1 month ago this tumor was found and today is 1 month ago his brain surgery biopsy happened. It has sure flown by. We had 4 appointments this week, Tuesday and Wednesday in LA. Kaiser was so kind to put us up in their apartment overnight so we didnt have the drive to contend with. We prayed for a good week, we didnt want it to be like last week, and God came through. We had a consultation, planning, high res MRI and a CT. Jacob Jansen was all mapped out and marked up to start radiation on Tuesday, 11-8. We are really happy with a quick start date as we are seeing progression of the effects of the cancer. His speech is getting a little bit worse, I would describe it like a thick tongue on about 2 words per paragraph. His right hand and leg, I would describe if a right handed person were to have his left hand completely go to sleep, then try and write with it. Thats about where they are, hope that makes sense.

On the bright

side, because he has physical effects we will be able to notice if there is improvement from radiation and not have to wait to see on the follow up MRI after it is finished. We know that this radiation is going to take a lot outta him, so please keep him in prayer. It will be 5 times a week for 6 weeks, we are hoping it goes by quickly like the past month has. 4 weeks after radiation there will be an MRI to see what was accomplished and determine how to proceed. This will also be where the type comes into play as to how to finish it up. We are praying for “WNT” or Sonic hedge hog, (SHH) as those are the most treatable. Day by day we seem to acclimate more to this, but there are times it seems we are awakened as if from a dream, to this sobering reality

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