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Remember the Meaning (Easter)

So I look today in everything that i've gone through with my cancer. Yet today I say "really" who am I to even think that this is hard at all especially when easter is only supposed to be here to remind us of his death and resurrection. Why do we take this thing for granted? Its only because of Jesus literally dying on a cross that lets us even be able to have forgiveness. So I ask you in everything you have, yes have fun, dont forget the true reason why we can even have a celebration. For on this day as the disciples were cowering being locked doors again I repeat literally LOCKED DOORS He appeared in front of them saying peace be with you. But as the disciples still were afraid and cowering He said again peace be with you (John 20). Do even realise what he was truly telling them? He was telling them dont be afraid for as He literally died on a cross and then is standing alive and well in front of them. So I really want us to remember this as we enjoy our easter (resurrection) celebration today.