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What is Worship?

I was sitting in the night service at my church today and i couldn't help but think. What are we all doing every Sunday or Saturday if that's your day of worship. Then it came to my mind everyone calls it "your day of worship". That alone brought me to one topic I think many people don't truly understand and believers. I myself am a worship leader/director and no one really realizes that worship is the ENTIRE service not just the music or praises we sing when we congregate together. The biblical definition that can be easily found online is as follows: "In Christianity, worship is the act of attributing reverent honor and homage to God" which in that sense could be just reading and listening to God our father. nonetheless the present day standard of worship being song our singing praise to Him. If you sit down and think about it songs and singing make up 50% of our church services today. Why is that? this type of worship brings us into a state of worship, this type of worship is studying the Word and thereby what we think and define as worship should be rethought and reevaluated.

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