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This is some of why the world doesnt believe in Christ. Because they cant believe the one and only God gave his only Son for us all past present and future. Its also why when you are saved from the damnation of sin a peace and calmness can be yours. Because the relationship you can then have with the Father. Sin=Seperation and damnation Christ=Saved and Redeamed Christ + Relationship=Redeamed and a child of the king. So how is Christ accomplished in us? The bible says plain as day in John 14:6 (Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father

except through me.) So by accepting him and making him Lord over your life you Gain christ and a key to heaven. See people stop there thats not all the good news thats available. There is a peace you can have now. There is a protection thats come over you. You are also given the tools to combat the world and its injustices against the One you now serve and are a child of. These tools are your Bible and your faith.

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