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Just a Question

I look back now and ask myself something that many others need to ask also. Maybe you do to. Whats your purpose in your life? Have you neglected others for whats/who is in your life right now? Have you walked away from something you know your doing right now

because your called to go do something else at the moment? Do you feel you are too busy for gathering with others or maybe keeping up on how your friend or just someone you know is doing? If you answered anything that could be less than a satisfying answer then you already know where to fix them. The question that you now face is when you are gonna change the outlook of your life? When are you gonna make your change to turn your face and faith to the one who everything should be focused on? Or will you leave these questions to the bad answers you have already and keep the reason for your actions and reason from waking up daily to be off sight of the true thing of the bible and of God that it should be? Its only a question. Not for me to know but for you.