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Update 5-4-17

When we got our first look at the MRI it looked the same as it did 1-30-17. We were a bit disappointed until the Dr. said that it was probably scar tissue. When he pulled it up in a High Contrast, which any cells would "light up", there were none lit. So then we asked if it was gone and he said that there were probably some cells still within the scar tissue. He is going to still do all of the chemo, which there are 4 more treatments of 6 weeks each. This is to be certain to completely knock this out. It is an aggressive type which could quickly put us back to square 1 if any is left. Have to get it all. He has gotten a new prescription to help him with the vomiting. We are praising God for the healing work He is doing on Jacob. Thanking Him for the Doctors He has placed in care of Jacob, and the people in our lives. Jacob, starts round 3 on Mon. 4-8 of chemo, Please keep the prayers coming, the last round was pretty hard on him. Love you all God Bless

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